National University: A Deep Dive for Adult Learners in the USA


National University established in 1971, stands as a beacon of opportunity in San Diego, California. This private, non-profit university caters specifically to adult learners, fostering a unique environment that empowers individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals. With over 230,000 alumni making their mark globally, National University’s legacy speaks volumes about its commitment to accessible and achievable higher education.

National University 2024

Unveiling the Advantages for Adult Learners

National University recognizes the diverse needs of adult learners who juggle work, families, and other responsibilities. Here’s how they cater to this specific audience:

  • Flexibility is Key: National University understands that a rigid schedule isn’t ideal for everyone. They offer a multitude of flexible program options. Busy professionals can benefit from blended learning formats that seamlessly combine online coursework with in-person elements. Accelerated courses, typically lasting four weeks, cater to those seeking a faster pace. Additionally, evening and weekend classes provide greater scheduling freedom.
  • Thriving in the Online Sphere: National University is a frontrunner in online education, consistently ranking among the top 20 for accredited online programs [Source: Online University Database]. Their asynchronous learning approach allows students to complete coursework at their own convenience, while real-time virtual classrooms provide valuable interaction with instructors and peers. This flexibility is a game-changer for geographically distant learners or those with jam-packed schedules.
  • Honoring Those Who Served: National University takes pride in its heritage as a veteran-founded institution. Their unwavering commitment to veterans is evident in the extensive support services offered to military personnel and their families. From dedicated advisors to tailored programs, National University fosters a welcoming environment for veterans transitioning to civilian life.
  • Focus on Competency, Not Time: National University champions a competency-based learning model. This innovative approach emphasizes mastery of knowledge and skills rather than simply spending time in a classroom. This ensures a quicker path to graduation for qualified students, making it an attractive option for those eager to advance their careers.
  • Investing in Your Success: National University recognizes the financial challenges faced by adult learners. To bridge this gap, they award over $77 million annually in scholarships. This unwavering commitment to affordability makes quality education a reachable goal for a wider range of students.

Beyond the Curriculum: A Holistic Approach

National University goes beyond academics to create a well-rounded learning experience. Dedicated advisors work closely with students to craft personalized education plans that consider not just academic goals, but also personal and professional aspirations. This holistic approach ensures students have the support system they need to thrive.

Academic Offerings: Diverse Areas of Study

National University boasts a vast array of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. From in-demand fields like business and technology to healthcare and education, National University caters to a wide range of interests and career aspirations.

Sample Academic Programs:

  • Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice

Military-Specific Programs:

National University offers specialized programs designed to leverage the unique skills and experience of veterans. These programs often translate military training and certifications into college credit, accelerating degree completion.

Continuing Education:

National University understands the need for lifelong learning. They offer a variety of continuing education courses and certificates to help professionals stay up-to-date in their fields or explore new areas of expertise.

National Recognition: A Testament to Quality

National University boasts accreditation and recognition from esteemed organizations:

  • Ranked in the Best Colleges Regional Universities West by U.S. News & World Report [Source: US News Best Colleges]
  • Acknowledged as a top educator of the U.S. military

Is National University Right for You?

If you’re an adult learner seeking an educational experience tailored to your needs, National University stands out as a compelling choice. Their commitment to flexibility, online learning, affordability, and veteran support makes them a leader in accessible higher education. With a focus on achievement and a supportive environment, National University empowers individuals to chart their own course to success.

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Explore Further:

For a deeper dive into National University’s program offerings, specific scholarship opportunities, or their veteran support services, consider visiting their official website at


What makes National University a good fit for adult learners?

National University excels in flexibility with blended learning (online & in-person), accelerated courses, and evening/weekend options. They’re a leader in online education and offer veteran-specific programs and support services.

Does National University offer financial aid?

Absolutely! National University awards over $77 million annually in scholarships to make education more affordable for adult learners.

What kind of programs does National University offer?

National University boasts a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields like business, technology, healthcare, and education. They also have specialized programs for veterans and continuing education courses.

Is National University accredited?

Yes, National University is accredited and has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report and as a top educator of the U.S. military.

How can I learn more about National University?

Visit their website at to explore programs, scholarships, veteran support, and more!

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